Day 2. Engineering

In August 2012 on August 14, 2012 at 10:19 am

Battery-operated rotor-driven Thomas the Tank Engines and flaxen hair should not mix.

Although I have a PhD in Immunology, this morning some mechanical prowess would have been handy.

Picture this: 7-year old blond with shoulder-length dead-straight hair is perched on the toilet. Her toddler brother is hovering nearby to pick up vital personal hygiene skills. 9-year old brother races in and decides it’d be a great idea to drive a toy train with spinning wheels up his sister’s back. Toddler runs to find me, and report on the situation at hand. Like a possessed Sally Pearson, I run down the hallway hurdling over miscellaneous toys and remnants of breakfast to find a weeping daughter with toy train firmly attached to her head.

20 minutes and a screwdriver later, we managed to escape unscathed and with no cutting of hair required.

But I’m going to need a consultant engineer to put the train back together.


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