Day 7. Fish

In August 2012 on August 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

I had been resisting the demands of the children to get a pet, since quite frankly the last thing I needed was another creature to feed and clean up after.

But then Mum and Dad bought a new house, complete with in-ground pond and goldfish. In anticipation of the pond being drained this week, yesterday a very nimble Grandpa managed to scoop up 3 little blighters. Now they’re safely housed in an aquarium in my pantry. Our first pets.

Turns out we’ve learned some science in the whole process. The very nice ladies in the pet shop informed us that we needed to make sure there was sufficient ‘good bacteria’ in the tank water to ensure waste products (ammonia) could be cleared at a rate so as not to compromise the fish’s health. Since time would not allow us to establish new bacterial colonies in the tank, we added a couple of litres of water from the pond.

24 hours later, the fish are still alive, and we’re all a little wiser.


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