Day 14. Good health

In August 2012 on August 26, 2012 at 10:08 am

Yesterday I read a beautiful article about health and life.

Thanks to Steve Hopkins, I found a lovely website created by Brooke Sachs. Brooke’s most recent blog post describes ‘why I do what I do‘, and provides an insight into the thoughts and battles and choices which have created her current way of life.

My favourite part is the following paragraph:

Because health isn’t what you see in hospitals. Health is families having picnics in the park; health is the cyclists on their way to work; health is the fresh food aisle. Health is the smile and laughter on your friends’ faces after you make some terrible joke; health is getting quality sleep; health is being able to let go of your worries.

I love the fact that Brooke is a medical student and has such a ‘big picture’ view of what constitutes good health.


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