Day 20. Spring

In September 2012 on September 1, 2012 at 8:06 am

Spring is here, and my dear old quince tree is regenerating once again.

It would be fair to say I have a quince obsession, developed over the 8 years since we moved to this block of land in inner suburban Adelaide. Way down the back is a sprawling quince, with gnarled dark branches a sign of its many years of life.

We also used to have an enormous nectarine tree, which produced abundant crops of my all-time favourite fruit. Unfortunately it was the victim of a house extension, making way for a new kitchen.

Knowing my passion for stone fruit, some dear friends gave me a replacement nectarine sapling for my 40th birthday earlier this year, with an accompanying peacherine equivalent.  Both are now in blossom, happy days!

Welcome spring 2012.


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