Day 23. Australian Science Media Centre

In September 2012 on September 4, 2012 at 11:03 am

How can we ensure science is covered accurately in the media?

The Australian Science Media Centre, also known as AusSMC, exists for exactly this purpose.

[It] is an independent, not-for-profit service for the news media, giving journalists direct access to evidence-based science and expertise [and] improving links between the media and the scientific community.

The Centre works with journalists to help them cover science as well as identify the science angles in everyday news stories.

[The Centre] works with the scientific community to help them interact more effectively with the media and ensure that their voices are heard on issues of national importance.

The facility is based in Adelaide, and was set up in 2005 following a stint by Baroness Susan Greenfield as SA’s Thinker in Residence.

I’ve just recently signed up to receive email alerts from the AusSMC and find myself completely impressed with the thoroughness and breadth of information that is provided in these pieces. Funded by media, academic institutions, government and industry, I strongly believe this service deserves the full support of the Australian community into the future.

[image of staff at the AusSMC from their website]

  1. This article now published on the AusSMC website further highlights the importance of good science journalism

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