Day 33. Lance

In September 2012 on September 14, 2012 at 1:03 pm

Oh Lance, why do you forsake me?

Admittedly, it wasn’t a good sign when my precious Livestrong arm band snapped 7 weeks ago. I knew we were in for a rough trot when that happened.

But then I read this interview with sports scientist Michael Ashendon, in which he states,

“So there is no doubt in my mind he (Lance Armstrong) took EPO during the ’99 Tour.”

My bottom lip wobbled a little. OK, so maybe you did take some illegal substances? Just un petit peu?

Then I learnt that not only did you probably cheat, according to your former mechanic and personal assistant you use,

“vengeful tactics [..] against people who tell the truth about [you], on and off the bike.”

Dude, come on man. What’s the deal? Why so grumpy?

Finally, I watched an interview on Australian TV show 7.30 which shows a relaxed and frank Tyler Hamilton wishing you’d just let yourself chill and be truthful about les drugs. Get it off your chest.

My cycling friend, having loved you for a good 9 years now, you must know that I’m a scientist. And scientists work on evidence.

I’m collecting evidence against you way too quickly for my liking.

Lance, it’s over. Au revoir mon cherie.

  1. Oh la la. Can’t believe it!! Hope the break-up not too hard on you…

  2. I’m in mourning…..

  3. Guilty or not guilty Armstrong’s attack on Alp du Huez in 2001 was a thing of tactical beauty.

  4. Dan I completely agree. The man is such an incredible rider, this break-up is killing me!

    I’ve been reflecting since writing this post – really, assuming he did take drugs they can’t fairly strip his TDF titles as who on Earth would be entitled to receive them instead? As Tyler Hamilton said, unless you took drugs in that era you would just be a middle-of-the-pelaton rider.

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