Day 62. TEDxCity 2.0

In October 2012 on October 13, 2012 at 3:09 pm

How might we foster great ideas and celebrate our city of Adelaide so that it continues to evolve as a place in which we want to live?

Today (Saturday October 13 2012) TEDxAdelaide joins 70 TEDx communities in a unique celebration of urban culture. It’s part of TEDxCity2.0 day where communities around the world will share the powerful narratives of urban innovators and organisers, stewards and artists, builders and tastemakers. Where are the bright spots? The creative adaptations? The transformative responses to injustice? Who is asking the most pressing questions? Pioneering the most complex solutions?

In Adelaide, TEDxAdelaide TEDxCity2.0 is organised by a volunteer team, supported by creative partners The Integrated Design Commission of South Australia, and staged at Tuxedo Cat. TEDxAdelaide licensee and organiser Kristin Alford is thrilled to be a part of this exciting global event, saying

“TEDxCity2.0 gives us the opportunity to be part of a global event focused on cities, and importantly provide us with a platform to share incredible ideas about the future of our city with people in Adelaide and across the world. We are especially excited to be hearing from local artist Jason Sweeney, one of the TED Prize City2.0 winners.”

The day will be broadly shaped by TEDxCity2.0 themes of Art, Education, Food, Health, Housing, Play, Public Space and Safety, and the Adelaide program is uniquely local and focussed. The line-up is designed so that speakers can highlight the ideas being shaped and implemented in the streets of Adelaide and other local areas, as well as consider issues relevant to the future development of cities.

South Australian Commissioner for Integrated Design Tim Horton will start the day with a walking tour of inner city Adelaide, highlighting unexpected design and innovation with the people making urban change happen. Subsequent sessions at Tuxedo Cat will feature an exciting line-up of speakers themed around Build, Curate and Invigorate, and including topics from architecture, design and city planning to creative, sustainable and collaborative solutions. Other speakers include:

  • Lord Mayor of Adelaide and town planner Stephen Yarwood;
  • South Australian Government architect Ben Hewett;
  • Specialist in public health and social planning Wendy Keech;
  • Green urbanist Mark Lusis;
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition member Lovisa Muyderman;
  • Media rebel and publisher Joshua Fanning; and
  • Jam Factory CEO Brain Parkes.

A full presenter list is available here.

TEDxAdelaide’s TEDxCity2.0 is just one of a few events focussing on the development of Adelaide in October. TEDxAdelaide TEDxCity2.0 is followed by The Collaborative City Exhibition – showing the work developing the Integrated Design Strategy for inner Adelaide. This will be open to the public from 15-26 October.

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