Day 63. Dilemmas

In October 2012 on October 14, 2012 at 3:14 pm

When I first started thinking about Science for Life.365, I wanted it to be something easy to find and easy to read.  Something scientists and non-scientists alike could enjoy.

I decided on Facebook as the sole platform. After all, as Chris Cassella from ScienceAlert says,

“people love science, and people love Facebook”.

While that may well be true, luckily Kristin Alford and James Hutson convinced me to post it elsewhere as well. With constantly changing goal posts in Facebook, for example reductions in control members have over who sees our posts, and the issue of ownership (once I post to Facebook, technically they ‘own’ the content), I’m mightily glad I made this a double header – a wordpress site + Facebook community.

Discussions held at the sciencerewired conference this week confirmed this was a good idea. Matt Levinson for one commented on how he’s noticed a slight shift away from Facebook in recent months, as writers and others feel the need to create their own space again. It’s about control, and it’s about quality. It’s about trust. I along with many others sense there is increasing momentum away from these aspects of communication with Facebook.

Now I’m thinking again about the blog versus Facebook weigh up after reading this post from David B. Thomas.

Will it really help my science writing – and indeed my reputation – in the long term to create a relatively short post every day? Or would my hours be better spent posting less frequently, rather focussing my efforts on better planned and researched articles? Would anyone actually read longer articles if they didn’t fit in the Facebook framework?

Only time will tell. For the meantime, I’ll stick with the experiment.

[photo thanks to Alaskan Dude on flickr]

  1. I thought this was true – you observation about people moving away from Facebook to create these spaces. Be interesting to see what you find in the long run.

  2. Hi Jacqui, Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, it will be interesting. I’m sure the online experience will change more than we can imagine over the coming year, as it has in past months.


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