Day 79. A flashback

In October 2012 on October 30, 2012 at 10:13 am

Looking through my final year high school year book from (gulp) 1989, I found an article written by yours truly. It provided a wrap-up of the year’s Student Forum, chaired by myself and a certain handsome blond swimmer. A few paragraphs reminded me that we were thinking about world resources even back then:

The Forum in ancient Rome was the centre of public life; the student forum at our school echoes its traditions of discussion and interaction between groups and individuals. Every fortnight Year 11 and Year 12 representatives [….] met [….] to consider matters concerning both staff and students.

This robust body discussed many important issues. Perhaps the most topical of these resulted in our decision to recycle used paper. Following much research by the aptly-named Andrew Greentree, each class-room was provided with the first stage of the recycling process: a collection box. Considering the ever-present global threats, we hope that this cause will be continued in the future.


The ancient Forum is a ruin in modern Rome, but its tradition is thriving here at our school.

Perhaps not the phrasing I would chose now, but still, I’m pleased to be reminded we were active recyclers. Twenty three years later, those global threats are still ‘ever-present’.


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