Day 85. State Theatre Company

In November 2012 on November 5, 2012 at 8:54 pm

Today I received my guide to the 2013 season from the State Theatre Company of South Australia.

This item caught my eye: Vere (Faith) by John Doyle.

The Big Bang created a future from nothing. For the esteemed Professor of Physics Vere, the future is nothing.

One minute he is trading witty anecdotes with his colleagues and students and about to take up a job with the CERN Laboratory in Switzerland. The next, he receives a shattering diagnosis and learns that everything he knows will all too soon slip away.

Just what is faith to different people? To some, it’s knowing there is a God. To others, it’s knowing the architecture of the cosmos. And to Vere, it’s knowing that, at the end of it all, his wife Holly is out there waiting for him. Somewhere.

Sounds wonderful and sad and sciencey and human, “an exhilarating ride through history, maths, physics, religion, archeology, and astronomy [brought back to] a meditation on family, spirituality and human frailty”.

Yes, the playwright is that John Doyle (Roy and HG, ABC’s Changi, Two Men and a Tinnie); if you’re local you may also recognise leading actor Paul Blackwell, one of my favourites from Patch Theatre Company productions for children. I swear I see Paul at my local shopping centre from time to time…..buying Brown Bread and Honey, perhaps?

I’ll absolutely be buying a ticket to see Vere (Faith)Hedda Gabler and The Comedy of Errors (starring another Patch regular Nathan O’Keefe) also look very tempting.


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