Day 108. Cervix

In November 2012 on November 28, 2012 at 2:33 pm


The bit at the distal end of a uterus.

For approximately half of us, we surrender a small sample of cervical cells for Pap analysis every 2 years or so. Some readers will have experienced the gradual cervical dilation which accompanies childbirth.

But did you know that after sex, a reaction occurs in the cervix which is typically only seen during inflammation? And that this reaction is important for setting up the right immune environment for pregnancy?

See my latest COSMOS article here to learn more.

[image from euthman on flickr: “the squamocolumnar junction of the uterine cervix, representing the boundary between the exocervix on the left, and the endocervix on the right. It’s important to sample this area while collecting a Pap smear specimen”]

  1. Great article! And very interesting work. Were the similar studies in mice part of your thesis?

  2. My studies characterised the antigen presenting cells in mice during early pregnancy, yes. But I didn’t look at tolerance per se. That came afterwards 🙂

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