Day 124. Planets that resemble a tree

In December 2012 on December 14, 2012 at 1:02 pm


Inspired by The Wellcome Trust’s 12 Days of Science Christmas (thanks @upulie) and last night’s #onsci chat on The Science of the Holidays, over the next 12 days I’ll count down a dozen items which represent science, Christmas, being on holiday and reflections of 2012 in my house.

On the first day of Christmas, ScienceforLife gave to me:

  • Planets that resemble a tree.

This beautiful painted wooden model of the planets circulating our sun was sent from my sister in Paris to my 9 year old son for Christmas 2011. It’s been to school for show and tell, and we refer to it a lot when talking about orbits and eclipses and units of time such as days and years.

  1. Love it! Been looking for something like that for ages.

  2. Said sister here. The model was from Muji. Their stores are all over the world or can buy over the web no doubt. Not sure if it still available or was a once off.
    Happy 1st day of Christmas! xx

  3. Thanks Dr Huddo

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