Day 129. Six tweeps a-tweeting

In December 2012 on December 19, 2012 at 10:49 am

On the 6th day of Christmas, ScienceforLife gave to me:

*I’ve written here and there about how twitter can play a role in the professional lives of scientists and communicators. Here’s a list of six tweeting science-types who’ve interested and/or influenced me during 2012 (not an exhaustive list, and order not important):

  1. Rebecca Skloot
    Sample tweet: Science writing: how do you make complex issues accessible and readable? [link to article] #sciwri
  2. Ashley Ng
    Sample tweet: Quite amazing @TIME: PHOTOS: Tiny beauties – Visions from under the microscope [link to article]
  3. Kevin Zelnio
    Sample tweet: Giant Squid on Video?! [link to article] #DeepSN via @deepseanews
  4. Bora Zivkovic
    Sample tweet: How does Wikipedia deal with a mass shooting? A frenzied start gives way to a few core editors [link to article]
  5. Samantha Thomas
    Sample tweet: Hi everyone looking for #instagram alternatives. Logged into @EyeEm – really good. Very similar to Instagram.
  6. Cameron Webb
    Sample tweet: Hearing is a vastly underrated sense: The Science and Art of Listening [link to article]

[photo thanks to katerha on flickr]


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