Day 136. Cricket

In December 2012 on December 26, 2012 at 7:27 pm

reverseswing copy

It’s the day after Christmas: Boxing Day. In our house, that means cricket. One grown man and two boys are obsessed.

With endless radio and television analysis of how balls swing and seam and bounce and deceive the batter, I began searching for some cold hard evidence. A website The Science Behind the Art of Cricket offered a physics-based explanation of how cricket balls move. Terms like ‘turbulent flow’, ‘side force’, ‘separation layer’ and ‘laminar flow’ are used in abandon.

Apparently, deliveries which achieve swing rely on,

“maintaining laminar boundary layer air-flow on the shiny side whilst creating turbulent flow on the seam side.”

Reverse swing on the other hand,

“is achieved when the ball is bowled very fast. In this case the air flow will become turbulent on both sides before it reaches the seam.”

If someone could just tell me how rubbing cricket balls in the gonadal region adds value, I’ll be satisfied.

[image from here]


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