Day 146. Summer Listening – Sound of Music / Radiolab mashup

In January 2013 on January 5, 2013 at 2:37 pm


When I was a kid, every couple of summers my family would travel to Perth, Western Australia to spend time with grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

My grandfather lived in a fantastic apartment with a swimming pool, many bedrooms and a jar full of lollies in the pantry. In contrast to my own TV-phobic immediate family, he was an early adapter to video technology. We’d break up swimming sessions with viewing Mary Poppins, Oliver! and The Sound of Music over and over again.

Yesterday my mum – the only daughter of that grandfather – and I introduced my three children to The Sound of Music. The kids were captivated. I knew every word of course, and was somewhat surprised to feel a little tearful with all the memories that were conjured up hearing each song.  I avoided the emotion, I mean took advantage of the quiet moment, by retiring to a couch with my trusty iDevice for some secret summer science listening.

Radio National’s Science Show episode of 29th December 2012 turned out not to be a wrap of the year in science, but I wasn’t disappointed for long: their featured Radiolab Animal Minds podcast was a perfect surrogate.

I did pull my earphones out when The Lonely Goatherd scene appeared on my TV though. That was always my favourite.

[image thanks to brian395 on flickr]

  1. Another day, another comment! I listened to the Animal Minds podcast the other day when doing some repetitive data analysis. I agree, it was great! Our family dog does do submissive/guilty very well!

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