Day 151. Pacific gull

In January 2013 on January 10, 2013 at 8:12 am


I’ve been birdwatching again.

After a spot of successful fishing, my old-man-of-the-sea husband took some fish frames down to the beach to feed the birds. Amongst the very common and somewhat annoying Silver gulls, were two magnificent Pacific gulls.

Australia’s largest gull, the Pacific Gull occurs only along the coasts of southern Australia. Despite its name, the species is seldom seen on the Pacific coastline, and is far more common on the beaches bordering the Southern and Indian Oceans. They breed in colonies on islands, extending from the Furneaux Group in eastern Bass Strait, west to Shark Bay. Their nests may consist of either a scrape in the ground, sometimes lined with gravel, or a neat nest made from grass, sticks and seaweed (from BirdlifeAustralia).

Here are some shots I took.





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