Day 158. Post-partum health

In January 2013 on January 17, 2013 at 6:03 am


Carrying and delivering a baby creates many changes in a woman’s body.

One of the areas most affected but little talked about is the perineum. You know, that part of the female anatomy that cops a fair weight-bearing load during pregnancy, and then needs to turn around and stretch like a rubber band for natural delivery.  And sometimes needs surgical repair afterwards.

Staying with my heavily pregnant sister in Paris, today I learnt that the French government funds new mothers for perineal recovery sessions.

I found a New York Times article from 2007 which describes the process. Perineal sit-ups, electrostimulation and video games are all included.

Quelle fantastique! Damn, the French do it well.

[image thanks to Ed Biernan on flickr]


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