Day 162. Dinosaurs in Paris

In January 2013 on January 21, 2013 at 2:33 am


I stepped back in time in visiting the Dinosaur, La Vie en Grand exhibition at Paris’ Natural History Museum yesterday. It was a true test of my French, as none of the signage was in English.

Here are a few facts I managed to extract about the huge herbivore Mamenchisaurus:

  • Humans have 7 cervical vertebrae (bones which make up the neck region of the spine); Mamenchisaurus had 19;
  • The total weight of all the skin of a human adult is approximately 5kg; for Mamenchisaurus, skin weight has been estimated at 1.1 tonnes;
  • Humans need to consume approximately 2 200 calories a day; Mamenchisaurus needed 100 000 calories;
  • Humans have approximately 6 litres of blood circulating; Mamenchisaurus had 600 litres
  • Humans have a lung capacity of 0.5 litres; Mamenchisaurus breathed in 82 litres per breath. 

The museum had set up a series of archeological digs for the children attending that day – the photo here shows their buckets and equipment ready to go.


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