Day 167. The Listies

In January 2013 on January 26, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Nose picking. Skid marks. Plops. Spit. Multiple terms that are nearly swearing but not quite.

To kids aged 7-10 (two of mine fit that category), these words are pure comedy gold. And The Listies know it.

Formally known as ‘The List Operators’, The Listies is a two-man performance outfit in which Richard and Matthew,

‘crash through all things sensible, with a mad take on the brave new world of cyberspace, that interweb thingo, myface, spacebook and fart-ificial intelligence.’

Last year we saw them in More Fun Than a Wii. Today we attended The Listies do Compooters, which saw the fellows,

‘go geek, stepping into the virtual World of Wool-craft and Pong computer games, PowerPoint, water pistols and LOLz from the very edge.

These guys make you (oh yeah, and the kids) laugh so hard you will be ROFLSHALBOWCO (rolling around on the floor laughing so hard a little bit of wee came out).’

Perfectly pitched at both kids and their parents – the old ones, you know, those of us who know what a cassette is – we left with faces sore from laughing.

I’ll claim it as a science experience based on this excerpt from a track entitled Mad Scienceing on the The Listies CD we are now enjoying in the car:

Setting the scene: Richard has done a course at TAFE which has taught him the basics of mad scienceing, including the capacity to laugh maniacally and make mutants in his laboratory.

Richard, explaining his recent work to Matthew: I’ve taken a lizard, I’ve elongated its arms. Next, I covered it in feathers and then gave it the ability to fly. I call it….a Flappy!

<insert crazy laughter and bolt of lightening/thunder>

Matthew: A ‘Flappy’?

Richard: Yes. Names aren’t my strong point. What about Dr Feathers?

Matthew: No.

Richard: George Plumey?

Matthew: No! It’s a bird, Rich. A bird. That one’s a budgie. 

It turns out Richard has also used his new skills to create:

    • Mr Stripey Horse (zebra)
    • Deborah Necky (giraffe)
    • Teeney Tiny Clippy Cloppy (Shetland pony)
    • Teeny Tiny Splishy Splashy Clippy Cloppy (seahorse)
    • Small Arrogant Domesticated Lion (cat)
    • Mr Eggy Beaky Spikey Ducky Thing (platypus).

Matthew: That’s intelligent design, Rich!


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