Day 172. Making a stand

In January 2013 on January 31, 2013 at 8:31 pm

calvesFinally, term 1 of the 2013 school year has commenced.

The house is mine, mine, all mine!

I sat down for a long spell at my desk today to tackle some work. It felt wrong; too much sitting! The knowledge from previous posts – see here and here – was making me twitchy.

Inspired by Kristin Alford‘s recently upgraded desk set-up, showing a standing set-up at the rear (for social media and email), and a seated position at the front (for thinking and writing):

desk Kristin

I made this, using a toddler stool:


Instantly better!

Not the perfect height, but fine for breaking up the sitting. A standing desk, using existing household materials.

[calf image thanks to vagawi on flickr]

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