Day 173. Science Online….and Offline

In January 2013 on February 1, 2013 at 4:42 pm


Being a science communicator can be an isolating profession.

Sure, social media helps, but still it’s great to be able to meet up with colleagues in person and chew the fat over new trends, issues we all face, and how to communicate better.The ScienceOnline conference is one way that people in the USA ‘doing science online’ come together as a physical community. Actually, scienceOnline 2013 is happening right now! But don’t despair, you can follow from afar: see #scio13 Information Central to find a way that suits you best.

One of the ways to be part of the ScienceOnline global conversations is via ScienceOnline Watch Parties. It is a concept that started this year as a way to facilitate the formation of mini-conferences for people ‘doing science online’ all around the world. Thus people in many different locations can meet up, listen to experienced science communicators present on a variety of issues, and then conduct their own conversations as a flow on.

This week and next, there are 3 free ScienceOnline Watch Parties happening in Australia:

Along with Kristin Alford and Heather Bray, I’ll be hosting the Adelaide event. We’re very excited and looking forward to meeting all participants tomorrow and Sunday.

See here if you’d like more information, or to book. All welcome!

Image from the opening ceremony of ScienceOnline2013, showing @BoraZ, @ktraphagen and @mistersugar

  1. […] off to the Adelaide ScienceOnline Watch Party organised by Sarah Keenihan (see her recent post here) and I expect I’ll be writing a few posts after […]

  2. […] very busy, stimulating weekend at the ScienceOnlineAdelaide WatchParty has left me so filled with thoughts that yesterday I simply could not condense a single blog post […]

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