Day 182. Science by twitter

In february 2013 on February 10, 2013 at 8:27 pm


Picture a hairdresser, and imagine an average day in the salon.

Conjure up a teacher in your head, and think about what his or her daily job entails.

Describe to yourself an accountant, and offer your best estimate of how they pass their office hours.

Now here’s a real test: what about a scientist? Can you picture one; a real, live practising specimen? Do you reckon you could plan out a typical working day for a scientist? Could you list 5 types of jobs that would be included under the ‘doing science’ umbrella?

Maybe not?

RealScientists is here to help .

Real Scientists is a rotational twitter account featuring real scientists, science writers, communicators and policy makers talking about their lives and their work. It’s Science by Twitter! And it can be delivered to you NOW – just follow @realscientists, sit back and be informed and entertained.

RealScientists is kicking off with tweets by @DrRachie, and is an initiative of Bernard Kealey and @upulie, and managed with assistance from @DrYobbo.

[image thanks to eddiedangerous on Flickr]


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