Day 184. The Subjects

In february 2013 on February 12, 2013 at 1:54 pm


Any parent or new puppy owner will tell you the impact that lack of sleep can have on ones capacity to work effectively.

After a night featuring visits to children’s beds I struggle with decision-making, efficiency of task completion and…what was the other one? Oh yes, memory.

And it’s not just anecdotal. There are many scientific studies which show how much of an impact lack of sleep, and reduced sleep quality, can have on performing work-related tasks such as driving and operating machinery.

But what about creativity? Could poor sleep reduce that too?

Supported by ANAT,  Drew Dawson and his team at Central Queensland University’s Appleton Institute (based in Adelaide, South Australia) aim to find out.

In a project entitled The Subjects, artists Fee Plumley and Thomas Buchanan along with authors Jennifer Mills and Sean Williams will undertake

“a week-long residency at CQU’s Sleep Research Centre looking at the impact that disrupted sleep patterns, loss of subjective control and constant surveillance have on creativity.”

For each day of the residency, each Subject is required to produce a creative work for the blog, and will field online questions from a general public eager to know more about how they are coping with being ‘on the other side of the glass’.

You too can post a question to The Subjects! The online form is here.

To follow the progress of poor sleep-deprived Fee, Thom, Jennifer and Sean, check twitter (@_ANAT and #thesubjects), or attend the Adelaide Writers Week 2013 session The Subjects: Storytelling in Extreme Environments.

My only concern is that inducing poor sleep conditions on Fee may in fact have little impact, given her self-descrption as an insomniac:

“I rarely sleep, the mobile screen glaring against my eyes in the dark as I curl up in bed pretending to rest. On a good night I may steal an hour or two of erratic REM cycle, infused with vivid and complex dreams that reflect the madness of my soul.”

[image thanks to epSOS.ed on flickr]

  1. heh, thanks for your concern dear Sarah but the segment you quote should be taken with a sprinkle of dramatic-licence-flavoured salt ;P
    i’m quite alive & absolutely well… sort of…

  2. drama darling, we love it! looking forward to hearing about your experiences…..:-)

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