Day 205. The Advertiser

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Being an Adelaide dweller, I’m allowed to have a little whinge about our printed paper, The Advertiser.

Produced by News Limited, The ‘Tiser is typical of many ‘modern’ tabloid papers in that it is image- and headline-focussed. I often read it shaking my head, bemused by the kinds of stories that get an airing on the up-front pages and those that are relegated to a paragraph or two in the back sections.

Complain though I may, we can consider ourselves lucky in Adelaide that science gets a pretty good run in The Advertiser. Bucking a national – indeed international – trend of science journalists losing their positions at mainstream publications faster than you can say climate change is real, we’re fortunate that Science and Environment reporter Clare Peddie still has a job here at the paper.

News Limited Political Writer and Editor Tory Shepherd also contributes articles which directly or indirectly come under the rather large umbrella called science; in her own words, she is

“interested in (some might say obsessed by) religion and pseudoscience as well as health and social issues.”

In today’s Advertiser, Tory writes about the highly successful public health measure of adding fluoride to drinking water. Depressingly, she then uses this example to illustrate how a frenzy of antiscience can be whipped up and potentially cause enormous harm – especially when a member of our parliamentary system (in this case Ann Bressington) puts her weight behind it.

The article is available online at AdelaideNow.

[image thanks to glenngould on flickr, and shows a man with fake rotten teeth – designed to scare his grandchildren]


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