Day 210. Salmon

In March 2013 on March 10, 2013 at 8:07 pm


This morning I had one of the best morning runs of my life: 12kms through Innes National Park.

A sunrise, and twelve somewhat bemused kangaroos cheered me on.

“What is she running from?”

I could almost hear them say to each other, as they casually watched me pass by.

My progress was tracked using Runkeeper, an app which also fed me a soundtrack. Amongst various tunes from Midnight Oil, Concrete Blonde and Hunters and Collectors was The Salmon Dance by The Chemical Brothers.

I’m reminded of it again now as we settle down on the couch to watch A River Somewhere.

The lyrics are simply fantastic, and strangely scientific. Check them out:

Hello boys and girls, my name is Fatlip
And this is my friend, Sammy the Salmon.
Today we’re gonna teach you some fun facts about salmon,
and a brand new dance.

Let me introduce to you a brand new dance
I know you’re gonna love it if you give it one chance
It’s not complicated, It’s not too hard
You don’t even have to be a Hip-hop star
See, anyone can do it, all you need is style
Listen up please gang, I’m a show you how
Put ya hands to the side as silly as it seems
And shake your body lika Salmon floating upstream

I’m floating Upstream
You know how we do it, you how we do it,

Sammy the Salmon: All my peeps spend part of their life in fresh water and part of their lives in salt water.

Fatlip: Wow, very interesting

Sammy the Salmon: They change a couple of days after spawning, then we die

{insert another verse – language warning – and chorus}

Sammy the Salmon: Most of our friends find their home waters by sense of smell which is even more keen than that of a dog or a bear

Fatlip: Wow

Sammy the Salmon: My family also rely on ocean currents, tides (uh) the gravitational pull of the moon

Fatlip: The moon? Fish pay attention to the moon? Wow. Who knew?

Sammy the Salmon: Did you know…

Fatlip: What?

Sammy the Salmon: That I can go to Japan and back

Fatlip: You’re kidding. Amazing. Gezz.

Sammy the Salmon: Polluted water can kill both baby salmon that are developing and the adult salmon that are on their way to spawn.

Fatlip: Wow, what a shame. What a shame. Huh.


Hey, kids, give it up for Sammy the Salmon
and his amazing salmon dance.

Huh, what ya say?
Alright. Who’s hungry?

Make sure you have a listen, and perhaps a little dance.

Please note, the fish featured in the clip are most certainly not salmon. But the rapping puffer fish is worth a look.

[image thanks to USFWS on flickr]


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