Day 221. Hello….and goodbye

In March 2013 on March 21, 2013 at 10:28 am


Two hours ago I listened to an incredible story on ABC 891 Adelaide.

The story was of Tully, a baby boy born to Adelaide couple Sarah and Mat, also twin brother to Ruby and younger brother to four other siblings.

Tully only lived for two days. He was taken home to die, and spend time – yes, even after death – with his family. While this offered Tully’s family the chance to love him a few extra days before saying their final goodbyes, it did present a practical difficulty in that his deceased body needed to be kept cool.

As a result, Tully’s family started a campaign to raise funds to purchase items called Cold Cots. Cold Cots offer parents a practical way to keep their baby cool after death, thus extending the time before their child needs to be sent to the mortuary. Fundraising through the website MumsLikeMe, Sarah and Mat have now raised enough money to purchase nine Cold Cots.

You can read more about Tully’s legacy in an article written by ABC 891 Adelaide journalist Matthew Abraham.

The article, interview and related clips are thoroughly heart-wrenching. But they leave me so full of admiration for a couple who were determined to do their best to know and love their son, and give other bereaved new parents the same opportunity.

To Sarah, Mat, and Tully’s siblings I say bravo, and strength.

[image thanks to ninefish on flickr]

  1. Thank you for listening to the piece and for taking the time to write about our lovely Tully.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sarah. You’ve done a great thing.

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