Day 224. Well? Do you?

In March 2013 on March 24, 2013 at 9:30 pm


Do you believe in dog?

Well? Do you?

I think you should. Here’s why:

Once upon a time (in July 2012, actually), canine scientists Julie Hecht and Mia Cobb met at a conference. United by a passion for science, communication and social media, they had a light bulb moment.

That moment turned into an idea – and the idea was Do You Believe in Dog (also available on Facebook).

Do You Believe in Dog is a conversational flow of back and forth posts,  in which Julie and Mia share their

“adventure as pen pals in the digital era, taking turns to blog on topics related to their own research, the work of their research groups and other random dog science themes.”

If you love dogs, have a taste for science, and enjoy the odd quote like this:

“I love that both dog urine and poo are totally appropriate topics for us to discuss in our conversations. All the other scientists are so jealous right now!”

then this blog is for you.

Join me, be a believer.

[image thanks to Katie@! on flickr]

  1. I’m married to a veterinarian. Poo? Pee? I prefer that to stories about anal sacs! 😛

  2. Hi Mark,
    Oooooh *cringing*, that’s a tough topic at dinner time.
    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. […] happens when you combine Poo Power! (as covered by Sarah back in February) with a zone winner of I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out of Here! (that’s me) and a canine science blogger (that’s also […]

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