Day 225. Totes loving social media, LOL

In March 2013 on March 25, 2013 at 9:29 pm


Has social media changed the way you write? Or even the way you read and retain information?

If you’re a prolific user like me, the answers are probably YES and OMG, YES.

Simon Kuper at the Financial Times published a great article this week How social media improved writing.

He suggests,

“texts, blogs, emails and Facebook posts are infecting other kinds of writing, and mostly for the good. They are making journalism, books and business communications more conversational.”

Furthermore, a recent academic publication Major Memory for Microblogs even suggests that information presented in a casual style of writing is more likely to remembered than that presented more formally, such as sentences from books or traditional media.

Writing my blog post a couple of days ago, I found myself using French -> English translation rather than French to English translation. I looked at the words, actually thought to myself

“I really should change that, it’s not proper”.

But I actually liked the sense of movement the arrow conveyed. So it stayed.

Damn convention! Language is for the people.

[image thanks to Enokson on flickr]


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