Day 229. Pectin

In March 2013 on March 29, 2013 at 3:06 pm

quince core

I’m very excited that we harvested our first quinces of the season today.

We picked only a very small fraction of the bounty on the tree – it’s been a huge crop this year.

quince lots

The fruit are fuzzy green and yellow on the outside, and creamy on the inside with dark red seeds.

We’re currently poaching about 15 peeled, cored and chopped quinces in 2 litres of light sugar syrup with vanilla and lemon juice (a la Stephanie Alexander).

The peeling part was a dream come true compared to previous years, thanks to an ingenious machine gifted to me by a very kind sister and brother-in-law currently living in Paris.

quince peel

Although we removed the cores, we didn’t add them to our compost heap quite yet. Instead, they were bound up in muslin and added to the poaching mixture as a valuable source of pectin.

quince cores

The pectin will help transform our thin, runny sugar syrup into a thick, syrupy goo surrounding the cooked quinces. This process will take approximately 8 hours in a slow oven.

quinces cooking

But what is pectin, and how does it work? I’ll let you know tomorrow, and show some photos of the finished product. Well…products actually. Stay tuned.

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