Day 233. The Croods

In April 2013 on April 2, 2013 at 8:47 pm

crood copy

Guilty confession: I loved The Croods.

This current family movie tells the tale of a family of ‘cavemen’ struggling to let go of its id and embrace its countering ego, all the while battling through a strange new world filled with fantastic creatures the likes of which it has never met before.

Creatures such as whales which live on land and walk on stunted little legs. And piranha-like flying beaked critters which travel in ‘schools’ and annihilate enormous beasts in feeding frenzies.

Now, normally I get ticked off when movies that touch on science and nature stray from reality. I actually cannot stand science fiction for this reason.

But in The Croods it was somehow OK.

Perhaps it was because the day before I’d visited The Art of Science: Scientific Illustrations from Museum Victoria, currently exhibiting at SA Museum. Here were displayed some of the first European artistic representations of Australian wildlife – drawings and paintings of animals which must have seemed Croodily mythical to the new explorers of this strange land at the Southern end of the world.

[image from here]


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