Day 237. Family vox pop – Ms 8

In April 2013 on April 7, 2013 at 7:43 pm


What does ‘science’ mean?

Technology, animals and a bit of fun and how things work…and things like, when sugar is dissolving into water, that’s science! It’s scientific.

What kind of jobs do scientists do?

They write on blogs, and they also find out how things work. Like how maybe zebras got stripes or something?

Name three famous scientists.

The Inquisitor from Steam Punks, Sarah Keenihan, and my science teacher Mr Teakle.

What about scientists you’ve never met before? Ever see any scientists on the news?


What do scientists look like?

They have a white coat, and most scientists are very funny and very crazy. Like my science teacher wears very crazy ties.

Does Julia Gillard know anything about science?

I don’t actually know the answer to that. I probably don’t think. Because, well it’s just a guess, because I’ve never actually seen her do science.

Do you have to know about science to be the Prime Minister?

Well, maybe she could know a little about science. But yeah, I’m not sure about that, yeah.

Would it help her be a better Prime Minister?

Yeah, it would help to to be a better Prime Minister I reckon. Because she would know the weather sometimes, if she studied to be a meteorologist.


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