Day 247. Running

In April 2013 on April 16, 2013 at 12:50 pm


I became a convert to running about three years ago.

I love it for many reasons. It makes me feel free, it keeps me strong, it allows me to eat more guilt-free cheese and dessert than I probably should, and it gives me a strong sense of camaraderie through participating in a running group.

My training posse has a private Facebook page; here we exchange thoughts on favourite shoes, hats, timing gadgets and other miscellaneous titbits which crop up from day to day.

Just three days ago we were discussing the emotion that running can trigger – when you set your mind on a huge goal, and then get fitter and stronger as you approach it and then finally reach it – it brings strong sentiments to the surface. Some of us cry when we run big distances. And it’s great to know that others feel the same way as you when this happens. Support and unity come from being in a group of runners.

The bombs that exploded towards the finish line of the Boston Marathon today are terrible, violent acts. Yes, I am thinking endlessly of the dead and wounded. I’m terrified this will initiate events of global significance.

But I’m also thinking of the running communities. Communities in Boston, in the rest of America, around the world. This is like a direct attack on them in a way. Its an attack on people who set goals, an attack on families who support them.

This is big for runners.

Whatever else happens in the aftermath of these bombs, today there’s been a shift in the minds of people who run.


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