Day 278. Happy Birthday Bridge8!

In May 2013 on May 17, 2013 at 2:50 pm


Six years ago I was at home looking after two toddlers full time, and wondering how on Earth I could stimulate my brain.

On a whim, I went along to a meeting of the South Australian committee of the ASMR, and met the lovely Lisa Jarvis. Lisa was about to head off for an adventure to London, having secured a great job with the Royal Institution of Great Britain (Lisa now is program director at the Australian arm of the Royal Institution, the RiAUS, located in Adelaide).

Lisa mentioned that her employee Kristin Alford at Bridge8 was looking for part time staff. In describing the work to me, Lisa mentioned three key words:

Science. Coffee. Conversations. 

Bang! I contacted Kristin, and was working with her (and colleague Jenna) within a few weeks. I stayed with Bridge8 until late 2011, when I began my freelance career.

I am so grateful to Kristin for many reasons, and not just professional ones.

But back to the birthday. Kristin started Bridge8 in 2004 following careers in engineering, human resources and product development across sectors including mining, R&D, aviation, agriculture and nanotechnology. She holds a PhD in process engineering and a Masters of Management in Strategic Foresight.

Asked to reflect on the 9th birthday of her fourth child (the first three are real people), Kristin – being Kristin – answered via twitter. Here’s what she had to say:

What comes to mind is just the diversity of work we’ve done.

This week alone has included animations, filming for I’m a Scientist Australia, foresight teaching, engagement strategies, strategy days, art, TEDxAdelaide.

We’ve been to amazing places around Australia & internationally with I’m a Scientist Australia, relating to nanotechnology and TEDx.

And it’s changed as different people have come and gone with different skills and passions.

In that way it doesn’t seem like nine years, it always seems to reinvent. I reinvent.

But the core stays the same – work with interesting people, doing interesting things…

That helps us better understand the role of science, and help us better think about the future.

Perfect. Here’s to the future.

And congratulations to Kristin, and Bridge8 co-director James Hutson for another busy and successful year at Bridge8.

[image thanks to Tim Wilson on flickr]

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