Day 293. Walking and running

In June 2013 on June 1, 2013 at 9:59 pm


Walking is very good for you.

Running is very good for you, and facilitates weight loss.

Too much running may damage your cardiovascular system.

Three very broad statements I’ve extracted from my reading today.

I’ll explain a little.

Gretchen Reynolds over at New York Times wrote a piece this past week summarising recent studies of walking versus running in terms of health benefits.

Her two main conclusions are as follows:

  • Running beats walking in terms of losing weight – possibly via an effect on appetite control;
  • In walkers and runners matched according to energy expenditure, walkers had more benefit to cardiovascular health.

Moving to the more extreme end of exercise, Kevin Helliker at the Wall Street Journal recently addressed the impact of endurance running on health.

Kevin writes of a slight shift in evidence relating to hard-core running, the kind you’d do to prepare for an Iron-Man competition:

“That extra six years of longevity running has been shown to confer? That benefit may disappear beyond 30 miles of running a week, suggest recent research.”

“The improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels and robust cardiac health that exercise has been proven to bestow? Among extreme exercisers, those blessings may be offset partially by an increased vulnerability to atrial fibrillation and coronary-artery plaque, suggest other recent studies.”

This weekend I’m going to walk and run a few kilometres. Not an excessive amount, an enjoyable amount.

[image thanks to sophiea on flickr]


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