Day 295. Loving science. And not.

In June 2013 on June 3, 2013 at 9:12 pm


There were a few moments during my career as a research scientist when I found it all too hard and just wanted to go home and watch The Bold and The Beautiful.

It’s not often you see any other scientists admit such days exist.

It’s why I love this interview with science outreach officer and writer Eva Amsen.

Eva explains,

“But experimental work – especially in molecular biology – is very frustrating. I often felt as if I had no control over whether or not I was successful at my job. I could work REALLY hard for months at a time and end up with nothing to show for it, or I could run into random luck and get my last experiment to work only because the supplier sent a stronger-than-usual antibody.

I discovered that what I loved about science was learning about it, and not DOING it. Unfortunately, science is a very hand-on discipline. Many people love that. I don’t.”

I did love research science a lot of the time, but by the time I came to the point of writing my thesis, I realised that loved writing more. Furthermore, I simply couldn’t sustain the pace as a research scientist when my first child arrived.

The crazy thing is, now that I have three children and regular writing work, I look back and laugh at myself thinking how busy I was with one child and a part-time job.

You know how it is, the new normal.

[image thanks to MnSPaul on flickr]


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