Day 304. I am also we

In June 2013 on June 12, 2013 at 2:51 pm


It’s clear that science and I sit very happily together.

But in my life, I am not just me.

I am also ‘we’.

We, me and my family.
We, me and my friends.
We, me and my work colleagues.
We, me and my running buddies.
We, me and my neighbourhood community.
We, me and my city dwellers.
We, me and my men and women of South Australia.
We, me and my country fellows.
We, me and my world peoples.

Going back to the original question which started this chain of blog posts (see Day 297 and also Day 298, Day 303):

What does science communication look like if it’s successful for each ‘we’?

Each ‘we’ has its own culture, its own morals, its own values, its own politics. Some of these elements overlap, some are unique to that group in particular.

The way science is represented to each ‘we’ should be different.

“Oh no!”

I hear you cry.

“This just makes the job even harder!”

But if it’s done right, this makes the job more successful too.

Science communication – done properly – speaks to a ‘we’.

That ‘we’ then ascribes its own meaning to the information and incorporates it into daily rituals, lifetime practices and thinking about the future.

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