Day 308. Different mothers

In June 2013 on June 18, 2013 at 2:42 pm


Working yesterday at my local public library, I watched a group of Mums with babies and toddlers. The adults talked nappies and sleep schedules and playgroup. The children sat in prams and dozed or chewed crackers, mostly content.

That used to be me,

I thought.

It made me feel sad.

I’m coming to realise I’ve moved from one phase of motherhood to to the next.

To backtrack a little, I found the transition from a professional life as a scientist to being at home with very young children a massive change.

Once I’d wrapped my head around it, and mentally committed to doing it well, I mostly enjoyed the challenges of raising little people full time. Some part-time work gave me relief.

After having had two babies relatively close together, we progressed to three children after a four-year break. The third baby was and is a delight and a challenge.

But his mother is a different person to the one that raised the first two at comparable ages. He doesn’t get me hours on end willing to bake and paint and make playdough. He doesn’t have the chance to stay in his pyjamas until midday most days. He can’t have a nutritionally-complete dinner at 5pm and be cuddled in bed at 6pm when he’s screamingly tired and needing nothing more than love and attention.

Each morning is an hour of bedlam – uniforms, lunches, homework gathering, schedule checking.

Each afternoon is crammed with homework and sport and school notice retrieval and the scramble for a meal which hopefully contains at least one vegetable.

Sure, his 3-year old life is much more exciting than child 1 and child 2’s were.

But it’s also more hectic, more pressured and more time-conscious.

I often wonder whether this will be to his benefit or detriment in the long run.


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