Day 318. Journalism is dead?

In June 2013 on June 27, 2013 at 6:44 am


Back in February, Leigh Dayton wrote about the demise of science journalism in Australia and across the globe.

This story stayed in my brain, and was re-sparked upon reading this tweet from Natasha Mitchell (currently in attendance at the World Congress of Science Journalism in Helsinki, Finland and who witnessed Leigh speaking at this panel on Science Media Centres):

 Leigh Dayton @ #WCSJ2013 in Helsinki now: (science) “journalism is dead on its feet in Australia”

Despite my not knowing the full context, I retweeted it with the perhaps ill-thought-out prefix ‘shameful situation’.

This prompted a series of ‘I beg to differ’ tweets. Initiated by Darren Osborn (News Editor at ABC Science Online), and continued by others, it has resulted in me having a massively expanded awareness of Aussie journalists reporting on science and related content.

I’m not sure whether we’ve addressed the problem Leigh discussed at the congress or indeed in her past article.

At the very least however I’m stoked to have an updated list of individuals writing on science, climate, health, technology and other complex, evidence-based topics in Australia.

Here’s it is: please feel free to add others in the comments section below.

  • News Editor at ABC Science Online Darren Osborn aka @sciencenewsgeek
  • Science writer and broadcaster Leigh Dayton aka @LeighDayton
  • Host of ABC Radio National Life Matters & Coeditor of Best Australian Science Writing 2013 Natasha Mitchell aka @natashamitchell
  • Presenter and producer for ABC Radio National All In The Mind and science reporter Lynn Malcolm @lynnemalcolm1
  • Presenter and producer for ABC Radio National The Health Report Norman Swan aka @normanswan
  • ABC Radio National Science Journalist Joel Werner aka @joelwerner
  • National environment reporter at the ABC Sarah Clarke aka @sarahclarkeabc
  • ABC News National Science and Technology Reporter Jake Sturmer aka @thesoundofjs
  • Science Reporter at The Advertiser Clare Peddie aka @clarepeddie
  • Environment Editor at the Sydney Morning Herald Ben Cubby aka @bencubby
  • The Sydney Morning Herald Science Reporter Nicky Phillips aka @NickySMH
  • Melbourne journalist covering carbon economy & climate change issues for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Peter Hannan aka @p_hannam
  • Environment editor for The Age Tom Arup aka @aruptom
  • Society Editor at The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald + environment & carbon economy, social affairs, science, technology Adam Morton aka @adamlmorton
  • Science and Technology reporter at The Age Bridie Smith aka @BridieSmith
  • Australasia reporter at New Scientist magazine Michael Slezak aka @MikeySlezak
  • Health Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald Amy Corderoy aka @AmyCorderoy
  • Health/medical journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald Melissa Davey aka @MelissaLDavey
  • Freelance science journalist Bianca Nogrady aka @BiancaNogrady

[image thanks to SImon Cocks on flickr]

June 28: additions which have trickled in through twitter:

  • ABC Radio National science journalist & broadcaster Robyn Williams
  • ABC Scienceonline freelance writer Dani Cooper
  • ABC Scienceonline writer Rachel Sullivan
  • Science reporter at the Daily Telegraph Mal Holland
  • Environment reporter at the Courier Mail Brian Williams
  • Science journalist and publisher Wilson da Silva aka @wilsondasilva
  • Freelance science communicator and writer Jacqui Hayes aka @SpaceKangaroo
  • Technical editor at Claire Porter aka @ClaireRPorter
  • Reformed scientist, now writer Nick Evershed aka @NickEvershed
  • Journalist and science/innovation enthusiast Katie Silver aka @Katie_Silver
  • Science journalist & online editor at Australian Geographic Carolyn Barry aka @carolyn_barry
  • Science writer & editor at Australian Geographic John Pickrell aka @john_pickrell
  • Blogger at Scientific American and writer Bec Crew aka @BecCrew
  • Journalist at ABC Scienceonline Anna Salleh aka @AnnaSalleh2011
  • Journalist & producer at ABC Scienceonline Genelle Weule aka @weulecoyote
  • Science/medical reporter at multiple outlets + Deputy Editor of Australian Doctor Stephen Pinkcock aka @stephenpincock
  • National Medical reporter at ABC TV Sophie Scott aka @sophiescott2
  • Climate/environment journalist and blogger Graham Readfern aka @readfearn
  • Environment writer & journalist at The Guardian Australia Oliver Milman aka @olliemilman
  • Writer/editor/consultant at CleantechIQ Oliver Wagg aka @OliverWagg
  1. Here’s some more brilliant, talented & charming individuals

    Eco folks: Sara Phillips aka @ABCenvironment – Editor ABC Environment online (won awards when working at Luna Media on G & Cosmos mags); Guardian ‘Planet Oz’ blogger & climate change specialist Graham Readfearn aka @readfearn; energy, carbon & climate specialist & editor of Giles Parkinson aka @GilesParkinson… oh and me (Tanya Ha – glamour greenie/science communicator/raconteur) aka @Ha_Tanya

    At @ABCcatalyst there’s researcher, broadcaster & writer Wendy Zukerman aka @wendyzuk, health & medical specialist Dr Maryanne Demasi aka @MaryanneDemasi, and Surfin’ Scientist Ruben Meerman aka @surfnscientist, Mark Horstman aka @thigmotaxis and sci comm specialist Derek Muller aka @veritasium.

  2. Great, thanks so much Tanya.

  3. Just one little comment: Helsinki is in Finland, not Poland 🙂 The list is very useful, great people to follow on Twitter!

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