Day 320. Journalism versus communication

In June 2013 on June 30, 2013 at 12:29 pm


What is the difference between science journalism and science communication?

This question has been nagging at me recently.

I’ve even been thinking it through at strange hours of the night, sometimes with the company of a three-year old (I knew I had kids for a reason).

Joel Werner had an ongoing conversation with twitter followers of RealScientists recently on this exact topic. You can review some of the ideas which were discussed here.

It’s interesting at the outset to consider it by asking the question:

Who actually are the groups of people talking about science in the Australian public sphere?

There are many different folks involved.

Some use traditional media platforms, some use the internet (including social media), many use both.

Some are members of Australian Science Communicators; some are not.

They call themselves different names: journalists, writers, communicators, bloggers, outreach officers, educators, researchers.

Some have as science background; some do not.

Some are paid professionals; others are fuelled entirely by enthusiasm, creating blogs and other content for no fee at all.

Of the paid professionals, some work for media outlets, some work for academic institutions, some work for marketing companies, some work for public relations units.

Some are teachers: either full time in schools and tertiary institutions, or part time in ‘guest’ roles.

Some are full time scientists, with a drive to spread the word and share their perspectives via communication platforms based on writing, art and video. They do it for the love.

Some are innovators, designers and inventers, passionate about their trades and eager to earn a dollar from many years of hard work.

Something tells me I’m just getting started on this topic. More soon.

[image thanks to erix on flickr]

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