Day 328. Crowd management

In July 2013 on July 8, 2013 at 7:36 am


Perhaps ScienceforLife.365 readers are interested in a little more science every now and again, but not sure where to find it?

Sam Askin has created a website which pulls together  a variety of online science content and presents it in one place : sciengage.

The front page of sciengage showcases recent written pieces on science: this reader-like function is the most useful aspect of the website from my point of view. There is so much written about science every day, and I struggle to stay on top of it and track it down.

Sam has also created a forum for online conversations, a crowd-funding science page and a social media page as part of sciengage.

An additional scicomm page is targeted at scientists looking for science communication services, delivered for a fee from the sciengage team (I guess this means Sam at the moment).

As a whole, the website targets a pretty broad swathe of people: those who are interested in reading and viewing science online, scientists, people who want to source funding for a science project, people who need science communication services, and people who want to talk with others about science online. Keeping all these different participants happy will be Sam’s main challenge I suspect. I wish him all the best!

[image thanks to Alan Cleaver on flickr]


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