Day 332. Making an audience

In July 2013 on July 10, 2013 at 8:34 pm


Writing about science – or indeed any subject – you’re taught to think about your audience.

Who are you targeting? What do they want to read? How can you keep them coming back?

Today something popped up and made me think twice about this concept.

Heather Bray is a researcher and science communicator based in Adelaide, and uses her training in agricultural science to work in and around food science and related fields. She’s currently running the second annual University of Adelaide Intensive Course in Communicating Science (#cs7020).

This morning Heather tweeted the following:

Prof Mike Wilmore‘s media lecture in #cs7020: media makes content & audiences, same with social media. Not thought of myself as audience maker before

Maybe as science communicators we need to think about ourselves as audience makers a whole lot more (follows prev tweet) #cs7020#onsci

This is an idea I really like. In fact, I had a little lightbulb moment when I read it.

*ding* As a writer, I am an audience maker!

There is not a pre-defined mob of people sitting out there waiting for me to fill a void in their lives. If I write stuff that is good enough, I will create a group of followers who actively seek what I write.

Scarily enough, this sounds a lot like marketing.

But I guess that too does make sense. If I can write well enough to convince people that I’m adding value to their lives, then yes, I am a marketer.

[image thanks to Electric Images on flickr]


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