Day 335. Art reflecting nature

In July 2013 on July 12, 2013 at 10:13 pm


Yesterday I was completely taken aback by my first full-scale classical ballet performance.

The Australian Ballet production of Swan Lake was mesmerising for its wonderful music and its elaborate staging and costumes.

But of course it was the swans which took my breath away.

Odette was an avian delight. She floated. She glided. She hovered across the stage en pointe, with fine arm bones, muscles, sinews and feathers primed to take flight. The capacity of the lead ballerina (we think it was Lana Jones in our matinee) to mimic a bird was quite amazing, and emphasised further through the projection onto the rear screen of a swan flying in slow motion. Each individual component of the wing beat was visible, in both animated and human form.

It reminded me of Australian aboriginal dancers, mimicking each wing and neck movement of brolgas and emus with amazing accuracy.

I guess that’s what humans do. We try to capture and replicate what we see in nature.


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