Day 343. The car seat

In July 2013 on July 21, 2013 at 5:11 pm


Before you have a baby, there’s a lot of pre-reading and preparation thrust upon you.

What to eat. What not to eat.

You should exercise. But don’t over do it.

Try not to stress. But make sure you take your vitamins.

Which antenatal tests are you having? Remember, they’re not diagnostic….better touch up on your First Year Uni statistics.

The birth – are you familiar with your perineum? Know what a ventouse is? Ready to have a catheter inserted in case of caesarian?

Do you have a full set of neutral-coloured singlets, wraps, hats, jumpsuits and cardigans ready to be poo-ed and vomited on?

Ready to have your nipples attacked? Breasts swollen like dual puffer-fish?

Yes? Ok, good. You’re all set.

Well, that’s what you think. 

Nobody ever tells you about the engineering degree you’ll require to wrangle and readjust various shapes, sizes, and set-ups of carseats and boosters and H-harnesses in and out of your and grandparents and babysitters cars for the next five years. Yes, five years. Sometimes more.

After 10 years of dealing with car-seats, I’m ready for my third child to transition out of them and into a normal seatbelt in about a year or two.

[image thanks to Jason Lander on flickr]


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