Day 352. We like fish

In July 2013 on July 29, 2013 at 9:31 pm

fishy kids

In my family, we like fish.

We like to eat ’em. We like to catch ’em. We like to learn about ’em.

And we worry about sustaining ’em.

Hence nobody was more thrilled than me to welcome Maylynn Nunn to the helm at RealScientists this week.

Maylynn is the Senior Fisheries Assessment Manager, Asia Pacific at the Marine Stewardship Council, a role which sees her combine her skills and training in fisheries science, economics and international policy. She oversees independent assessments of fisheries sustainability carried out by scientists around the world, as well as advising fisheries in Australia, NZ and the Asia Pacific and developing new policy and best practice fisheries management.

Last night Maylynn educated me (and the other 4800-odd followers of @RealScientists) on the Marine Stewardship Council ‘blue fish tick’ which is awarded to fisheries which have met sustainability standards following independently assessment by experts against science-based performance indicators.

Although we buy very little fish that hasn’t been caught locally, I did spend some time looking through the tins of tuna at my local supermarket this afternoon. I didn’t manage to find a tick yet – I was hampered by the wriggling of a 3 year-old I might add – but I’ll keep looking.

Tune in to hear more from Maylynn on the @RealScientists twitter account this week. She’s already having such interesting conversations with scientists and non-scientists from around the world.


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