Day 359. We love dinos!

In August 2013 on August 5, 2013 at 4:10 pm

dino eye

Mr 3 requests a prehistoric tale nearly every night at the moment.

I must say I really don’t mind at all.

Here’s what we chose from:

What’s you’re favourite dinosaur book?

[image thanks to on flickr]

  1. Jurassic Park. Probably a little too adult for Mr 3 though.
    Only six days of blogging to go!

  2. Yes probably….but I should read it!
    Thanks Matt, in the home straight 🙂

  3. My 2yr old loves his “First Dinosaur Picture Atlas” but I was gutted to find out that the Brontosaurus never existed! Next they’ll be telling me that a Stegosaurus is actually a fat Kentrosaurus aethiopicus! Humph!

    (btw – we do dino shirts if anyone wants one :

  4. Thanks Nick.
    Guess that’s science lesson 1 right there:new evidence –> old theories thrown out 🙂

  5. We live ‘Uneversaurus’ at the minute by Aidan Potts, and Ten Little Dinosaurs (with the fantastic moving eyes!) by Pattie Schnetzler.
    There are so many in our house but these two are firm favourites this month!

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