Day 360. Thank-you

In August 2013 on August 6, 2013 at 10:00 pm



Ok, so I’m into the 360s now and it’s pretty exciting.

As I approach the finishing line, I’d love to send a huge shout-out to all of you who’ve come together and formed this blog’s two audiences: the WordPress supporters and the Facebook friends.

It’s been so interesting to keep an eye on what has tickled the fancies of readers. Over the course of a year of blogging, the two audiences have maintained slightly differing interests (see prior discussion of this point at Day 100. A tale of two audiences).

WordPress supporters liked art, food, fashion, literature, writing and discussions around journalism and communication.

The top 10 ScienceforLife.365 posts during the past year for WordPress supporters were (most popular at the top):

Facebook friends were interested in animals, science humour, new ways of thinking about science and the more personalised aspects of science and learning.

The top 10 ScienceforLife.365 posts during the last year on Facebook were (most popular at the top):

Just by way of a little explainer, most WordPress supporters arrived on site after following tweets from my @sciencesarah account. Others found it because they were official followers of the blog (183 people in total), happened upon a post whilst browsing other blogs, or had searched for a key word.

Facebook friends found the posts by following the page itself (261 likes to date), through me sharing posts via my personal Facebook account, and click throughs of ‘friends-of-friends’ and other contacts.

Thank you all once again, and I look forward to holding your attention into the next year of ScienceforLife.365

[image thanks to Lauren Manning on flickr]

  1. Everyday for another year?!

  2. Um no 🙂
    Plans revealed over next few days

  3. […] differing interests of the two audiences in the past: at the 100-day mark of the first year, and at day 360, as the 1-year anniversary approached. Over phase 1 of the blog, WordPress readers preferred posts on art, food, fashion, literature, […]

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