Day 362. A day at home

In August 2013 on August 8, 2013 at 9:51 am


My two oldest kids needed a day at home yesterday.

A combination of minor physical ailments and the need for a mental health break were good enough reasons for me.

The night before, I had rinsed out some small pear nectar bottles and left them on the sink – they’ll make beautiful little vases. As shown above, Miss 8 had other ideas.

Her sign propped up against the wall reads:

I filled these bottles with different amounts of water to make different notes when I blow on them or tap them with something!

Why? Science Fair Adventure Explains:

The more water in the bottle, the lower the pitch will be when played. This is because the sound vibrations you can hear come from the actual bottle, as you add water it takes on greater vibrating mass. The less water that’s in the bottle means there is less weight that vibrates and the pitch is higher.

She’s got science in her life, that girl.


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