Day 363. The other half

In August 2013 on August 9, 2013 at 9:25 am


I often write about my kids, and occasionally my parents and siblings.

Rarely do I mention my husband.

He’s quite a private fellow, and wouldn’t want his name trawled through this forum. But he does love a bit of science here and there, especially as it relates to childrearing, sports and piscatorial adventures. I should also mention he’s been completely supportive of this blog through thick and thin, including publishing a book of my first 100 posts as a Christmas present in 2012 (made me weep like a child, it did).

Here’s a quick interview on the science in Mr K’s life.

How do you see science in your daily life?

We live eat and breathe it in our house – it is everywhere and in everything that we do.

You don’t work in science directly now, but was there a time when you considered it?

No – I bombed physics and chem at high school. That encouraged me to focus on my strengths in other areas.

What will you do if your children say they want to be scientists?

Support and encourage them and imbue them with a keen sense for perseverance in adversity (and probably bankroll their existence).

What’s the past year of ScienceforLife.365 blogging been like from your perspective?

Really informative and eye-opening – a great learning experience. 

Are you glad the post-a-day phase of ScienceforLife.365 is coming to a close?

Yes and no. Yes, I will have my wife back for conversations on the couch at night. No, because I think it is an important piece of work and would be concerned if no-one was pursuing its theme and building upon its very significant foundation. 

Would you consider writing a guest post in the coming year ahead, as ScienceforLife.365 transitions to phase 2?


I shall be holding him to that promise.


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