Day 364. Cabinet of Curiosities

In August 2013 on August 10, 2013 at 9:00 pm


As part of South Australia’s Living Arts festival (#SALA), a public art exhibition is being held this weekend at my children’s school.

The semi-alfresco presentation of many beautiful, intriguing and diverse artworks is a credit to the organising committee and the artists alike.

My favourite aspect was the Cabinet of Curiosities, installed by James Parker as a tribute to historic compilations of artistic, architectural, historical and natural artefacts collected by (typically) gentlemen of a bygone era on their travels.

Normally presented in small cabinets or designated rooms in private homes, the temporary space set up for the exhibition consisted of a cosy corner enclosed by 3 walls, and filled with antique furniture, biological specimens, stuffed creatures and beach-combing treasures.

On the walls were presented small framed items of art created by the artists participating in the exhibition at large. To generate the pieces, each participant was presented with a small frame, a piece of Hahnemule (cotton) paper and a few guidelines, such as,

it should be curious, it should include text, it does not need to be two dimensional.

The results were intricate, curious, delightful, delicate and often scientific.

Here are some samples, and photographs of other curios found in the space:








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