Day 365. The finishing line

In August 2013 on August 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm


Here I am at 365 days, my last post in a year of daily blogging about the science in my life.

True to my usual form, it’s been a jam-packed day and I’ve spent it doing a multitude of activities, all the while turning over in my head what I might write.

I started the morning with a long run through the Adelaide’s inner western suburbs and along the River Torrens.

–> Wow, I didn’t know that black swans had a layer of white feathers under their wings.

–> I reckon these shoe inserts are changing the mechanics of my foot and leg.

–> Why on earth are these blokes fishing for carp, the rats of the river?

Next, I returned home to refuel on food and coffee.

–> Hell, better tidy up the garden a bit since I’m hosting a National Science Week ‘Brain Break’ morning tea on Wednesday.

–> How much can I eat before I’ve compensated for all those calories I’ve just burnt? Two criossants? Three?

Best zip over to Mum and Dad’s place to collect oldest two children., who’ve been swimming laps with Grandma.

–> Arrive, kids and grandparents are playing Bird Bingo.

–> Mum gives me a present for reaching 365 days, a most excellent-looking book entitled Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living – a novel.

–> Dad promises to bake scones for the Brain Break morning tea.

–> Turn into our street, spot enormous blue tongue lizard crossing the road. Everybody out of the car to prod it with sticks and force it back into the bushes to avoid death by enormous neighbourhood 4WDs. Stop and think for a minute why it’s warm enough in August for a cold-blooded reptile to be moving about.

Dash home, leap into shower, head to city with my daughter to watch Australian Classical Youth Ballet‘s production of Mary Poppins.

–> Frantic with worry watching young ladies en pointe, stressing that their very fine ankles will snap. Remind myself that they have been training for years and that the human body can do such things.

–> Daughter and I walk up from the Festival Centre to the City, catch bus home. Wonder why it costs so much – $7.50 for two people to catch a bus 4kms. How is such a high price going to help traffic congestion and reduce car use in our city? And pollution?

–> Whilst on bus, use twitter App on my phone to chat with scientists like @Mozziebites, @westius@DrYobbo, @AusScienceWeek and @DoUBelieveinDog.

Home again, onto computer.

–> Normal round of twitter and Facebook checks and chats.

–> Log on to storify and finish collecting tweets for the excellent RealScientists project.

And now here I am at 5pm.

My day says it all really. To all my normal demands of family life and work commitments, I apply science and the scientific approach to query, analyse, plan and digest. It’s just how I operate. I hope this and the 364 posts that came before it have accurately revealed my support of Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb’s comment in 2012 that

““an education in science is valuable beyond the labs and fields of research”.

Please hang around while I have a week or so off, and then please do join me for Phase 2 of ScienceforLife.365.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s read, commented, shared and contributed to ScienceforLife.365 during the past year.

Special thanks also to my husband and family for supporting this commitment, and to Kristin Alford and James Hutson for their initial and ongoing advice. 

[image thanks to comedy-nose on flickr]

  1. Well done Sarah on completing a full year and sticking to it. I’ve enjoyed reading most of your posts. A great job and thank you for cross posting once or twice too 🙂

  2. Congratulations. That’s a huge feat, and a worthy one. What you’ve started I see as a grand way to start many bloggers on the same course. I envisage a “365 days of a scientific life” book emerging! [btw I am obsessed with book ideas, call me if you’re up for it!]
    Looking forward to your second year, as I came to your blog a little late in this one. I’ve enjoyed knowing how science is in your life, and I will be recommending your blog to similar minded people.

  3. Congratulations Sarah. A remarkable effort and your science teaching grandfather would have been very proud, as I am. I am totally in agreement with the value of an understanding and application of science in daily life and the only way this will happen is with quality teaching and parental support. Looking forward to Y2.

  4. Thanks for your comments Gary, Kirsti and Dad. You’ve all been solid fans 🙂

  5. Well done, Sarah. Next week you won’t be able to comprehend how you managed to squeeze this in each day. I’m guessing it must be by sacrificing needed sleep.

  6. Congrats Sarah, quite an acheivement. Loved the posts and look forward to the next stage of the blog!

  7. Thanks Matt and Michael! Can’t quite believe I actually did it…

  8. […] first year was crazy and wonderful, and ended with my post The Finishing Line, and a BrainBreak morning tea. You can review my thoughts on the professional benefits the initial […]

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